Jul 2012 07

I picked up a great tip from Scott Dugan (http://www.duganaudio.com)

By removing stop some buttons from your template you can trigger off new loops without stopping the previous one.




  1. Don’t you find that there’s a lot of foot action – I really like arrange rather than session – you can setup really tidy transitions in advance.

    I know you are stuck with the songs in the arrangement but in practice, how many times do you decide to skip around your repertoire during a service?

    • iam-kp says:

      Hi Patrick,
      I don’t find it too much foot tapping! Actually it works really well for me. I like having all my available loops in one session. I understand why you set it up the way you do, it makes a lot of sense. However, one master file saves on work load each week and it means if I go to a week long conference, I don’t have to have all my sets arranged in advance. I can set them up before each session as the week develops.
      Each to their own huh?

  2. Getting rid of the stop buttons, does that prevent you from killing the loop if the band gets off the click and guide?

    • iam-kp says:

      Hi Jared.
      No, if you remove all or some stop buttons it just controls if the previous loop is stopped when the next is triggered. The master stop and stop all clips still function in the same way and can still be mapped to a controller.

  3. Great implementation! Those seamless transitions feel so good!

  4. kent ferris says:

    Do you build your own loops or purchase most of them?

    How long does it take to create a loop for Our God…

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