Feb 2013 20

Check out the new extended promo video for Spring Harvest. It features some footage from the Distinctive venue I served in. Can you spot me?

7 Days Without Hearing
May 2012 14

So I need to share this with you. I don’t have a lot of time so this is a simple short post.

I keep an eye on my hearing, it seems a sensible thing to do for someone in my role and I use a little app on my iPhone called uHear to test my hearing from time to time.

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Spring Harvest 2012 – Distinctive
Apr 2012 14

Last week I had the amazing privilege of leading worship in the Distinctive Venue at Spring Harvest in Minehead.

The invite to lead at Spring Harvest came about after a few twitter messages and emails with Wendy Beech-Ward. Wendy is part of the team that runs Spring Harvest and I owe so much to her for taking a chance on me. Right from the first phone call I have been so impressed with the organisation and thoroughness of the whole Spring Harvest set up. The culture of servanthood and facilitating translates through every form of contact and communication and enabled us to feel a valued part of the extended team.

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Aug 2011 12


Music is the shorthand of emotion.  ~Leo Tolstoy

There is no doubt that music can influence and evoke strong emotions in the listener, sometimes this is intentional and sometimes simply a by product. I’ve seen music used to hype and to calm; used for good and for harm. I’m aware of the intrinsic power of music. I’m also aware of how easy it is to fall in love with a band after seeing them live, to be caught up in the moment and to start obsessing about your new favourite artist, group or sound.

Last night was different, last night was profound.

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