Technology in Worship
Jun 2011 20

One of the ways that we at i61 have tried to unlock some creativity in our worship times have been through the use of click tracks and loops.
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Where to find great loops
Jul 2011 01

A few people have emailed or tweeted to ask where we get our loops. I have just started out in making some from scratch. I using Reason 6 to edit midi and use the great in built sounds and also to handle recordings and audio. I then export the files and trigger them using Ableton Live. My setup is explained here.

The internet is full of midi files, reason files and loops in other formats. When I started out looking for them I quickly filled up several gigabits with very average and some terrible sounding loops. Finding the quality one took a bit more of an effort to find. So to save you some time here are some of the best places to look for loops that can really enhance your band and worship times.
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Dec 2011 06

When I started looking into loops and how I could utilise them in worship I came across a video on YouTube from Matt McCoy showing his Ableton setup and foot controller. Matt at the time was working at Willow Creek Church and his short video really kickstarted my journey into all things loops. Within worship circles Matt is very highly regarded and respected as a superbly innovative musician and leader.

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Download – Happy Day Vs Black Eyed Peas
Apr 2012 27

Following my post about Spring Harvest and videos on YouTube I’ve had a lot of emails asking how we mixed Happy Day with the Black Eyed Peas track.

We feature the “I’ve got a feeling” samples including breaks and stops under the second verse of Happy Day. We also use the bed for an intro too.

So to make it easy for you to also use this version I’ve loaded all the tracks needed into my ableton template for you to download.

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