3D In Ear Monitoring

This year at New Wine we tried out 3D In Ear Monitoring from Klang

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Motion Pads

Motion Pads is the latest brilliant product from Abel Mendoza and I love them. I’ll be using them as ambient pads in my Ableton Template but they will work equally well from an iPod, iPhone, iPad or any MP3 player. So here is Abel’s explanation. Are you wondering what is that atmospheric/ambient sound you hear […]

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Playback Pro

I often get asked “How can we run tracks and loops without Ableton or having to invest too much time or money?” Playback Pro from might just be the answer!!

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Sound like Jesus Culture, Bethel & Hillsong for just £40

Jesus Culture, Bethel, Hillsong, Worship Central and the like are all excellent producers of modern worship. Their songs bless millions each year and inspire countless musicians and worship leaders. The sounds they create are brilliantly designed, amazingly produced and are often frustratingly out of reach for the average church worship team. But today I want to […]

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Linking Ableton and the beta of OnSong 1.972

Linking Ableton and the beta of OnSong 1.972. Using Midi notes to autodial any song from your songbook ***Please note the megatag for OnSong has changed you now need to use Midi-Index instead of Note-index and place a N before the note number. EG Midi-index: N62

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1964 Ears

Recently I upgraded my custom in-ears. I’ve enjoyed the benefits of in-ear monitors for a while now but if I’m honest I haven’t been completely happy. So after my in-ears broke I started searching for a quality replacement and it didn’t take much research to discover a lot of noise being made about 1964 Ears. […]

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Advanced Template

This Template is my latest and is the version I am now using and is explained in this video (raise the quality to HD to see it all clearly). This template is a refined version of the OLD Advanced Template and much easier to navigate and understand. The use of subgroups, titling and colour coding […]

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iSing Worship

For a little while now I’ve been playing around with a brand new iPhone & iPad app called iSing Worship. iSing has been created by my friends at Innveration Trust and is an amazingly powerful tool for Worship Leaders, Pastors, Ministers, Small Group Leaders and anyone involved in small group or church worship. I am […]

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The Worship Central Course

If you know a little about me you’ll now I’m passionate about the work of Worship Central. Let me explain why. In 2004 I was lucky enough to attend a retreat hosted by Soul Survivor called Passion For Your Name. PFYN was run by Tim Hughes and team and on the retreat were 15 worship […]

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