Nov 2013 26

Linking Ableton and the beta of OnSong 1.972.

Using Midi notes to autodial any song from your songbook

***Please note the megatag for OnSong has changed you now need to use Midi-Index instead of Note-index and place a N before the note number. EG Midi-index: N62

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Aug 2013 08

Recently I upgraded my custom in-ears. I’ve enjoyed the benefits of in-ear monitors for a while now but if I’m honest I haven’t been completely happy. So after my in-ears broke I started searching for a quality replacement and it didn’t take much research to discover a lot of noise being made about 1964 Ears.

1964 Ears are a Portland, Oregon based independent custom in-ear lab that is committed to making the finest, yet most affordable custom products for the working musician. In a world of expensive custom In-Ear Monitors, 1964′s mission is to bridge the gap between price and quality.

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Nov 2012 20

The Professional Template is my latest and is the version I am now using and is explained in this video (raise the quality to HD to see it all clearly). This template is a refined version of the Advanced Template and much easier to navigate and understand. The use of subgroups, titling and colour coding make this template far more visually coherent. This download includes ambient pads, metronome automation, midi controls for ProPresenter and to turn pages in PDFs and in OnSong iPad app. I have included FOUR sample loops, 10,000 Reasons, Happy Day (BEP Version), Our God is Greater and Blessed Be Your Name (Viva la Vida Version).

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May 2012 23

My revised Ableton template which now allows complete flexibility of both instrumentation and arrangement.

You can download this template from my downloads page 

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