Playback Pro

I often get asked “How can we run tracks and loops without Ableton or having to invest too much time or money?” Playback Pro from might just be the answer!!

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One button arranging & dynamic cues

My favourite ever tutorial and the single best addition I’ve ever made to my Ableton set up!! Using Follow from Istonik Studios for with one button arranging and to activate dynamic vocal cues to guide the band. Thanks to Will Doggett for his videos and to Paul Feinbergh for inspiring my thoughts around this. Check […]

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ProPresenter & Ableton Automation

A detailed look and demonstration at using Ableton Live to trigger videos and lyrics in ProPresenter

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My New Loop Rig

My new loop rig!

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Ableton, Push, Omnisphere, MainStage & Kontakt

Using Ableton, Push, Omnisphere & MainStage in Worship Check out Worship Musicians and the Facebook group mentioned as well as Peter James’ Patches

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Linking Ableton and the beta of OnSong 1.972

Linking Ableton and the beta of OnSong 1.972. Using Midi notes to autodial any song from your songbook ***Please note the megatag for OnSong has changed you now need to use Midi-Index instead of Note-index and place a N before the note number. EG Midi-index: N62

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Ableton & OnSong

How to control the iPad app OnSong from Ableton Live *There is now a newer and better way to control OnSong as explained here

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1964 Ears

Recently I upgraded my custom in-ears. I’ve enjoyed the benefits of in-ear monitors for a while now but if I’m honest I haven’t been completely happy. So after my in-ears broke I started searching for a quality replacement and it didn’t take much research to discover a lot of noise being made about 1964 Ears. […]

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Playing Chords With My Feet

How I set up Ableton Live & the KMI SoftStep to play chords. Here is the Loop Community video which inspired this  Also check out Textures from Loops In Worship 

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A Free Ableton Course

Recently I’ve been working with the guys at to produce some training videos on how to use their professional produced tracks with Ableton Live. Worship Backing Band have a great range of products which include a custom build multitrack player, video split tracks, backing tracks on DVD and Multitrack Pro Stems. The Multitrack Pro Stems […]

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