Poverty whispers lies…

I have the delight of leading worship at many large events, but this summer at Creation Fest I had the chance to share about a charity that I love – Compassion. If this video compels you to break the lies of poverty please click this link     

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New Wine 2016 – Highlights

Just a short video which hopefully captures the fun and passion we experienced leading at New Wine 2016

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Sound like Jesus Culture, Bethel & Hillsong for just £40

Jesus Culture, Bethel, Hillsong, Worship Central and the like are all excellent producers of modern worship. Their songs bless millions each year and inspire countless musicians and worship leaders. The sounds they create are brilliantly designed, amazingly produced and are often frustratingly out of reach for the average church worship team. But today I want to […]

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Wham City Lights

Listen and watch our band play Alive by Hillsong Young & Free in the Thirst venue at New Wine, Shepton Mallet. The song features the mobile phone lighting show using the technology provided by Wham City Lights This video explains how we created the show

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Worship Central Conference

If you’ve found your way to this site from the Worship Central conference, here is a little introduction to loops and Ableton. You can purchase my Ableton templates & Soft Step presets here

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Crash Course in Singing

This guest blog is written by my friend Mark Graham. Mark is Nottingham’s first Certified Institute for Vocal Advancement Singing Teacher, and he provide singing lessons in Nottingham and worldwide via Skype. His clients range from absolute beginners to seasoned gigging and recording professionals. He is known as someone who is able to quickly fix issues […]

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Playing Chords With My Feet

How I set up Ableton Live & the KMI SoftStep to play chords. Here is the Loop Community video which inspired this  Also check out Textures from Loops In Worship 

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A Free Ableton Course

Recently I’ve been working with the guys at to produce some training videos on how to use their professional produced tracks with Ableton Live. Worship Backing Band have a great range of products which include a custom build multitrack player, video split tracks, backing tracks on DVD and Multitrack Pro Stems. The Multitrack Pro Stems […]

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Why we need creativity in worship

A few years ago I moved to a new house situated along the flight path into Manchester airport, one of the busiest airports in Northern England. The first few weeks consisted mainly of broken sleep and sudden shock as yet another noisy plane would cut through the air above our little house. However, in a […]

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Tom Read

Last year at the Worship Central conference I met a Hong Kong based worship leader called Tom Read. I found Tom hugely inspiring and loved hearing about how he was equipping his region through teaching the Worship Central course. Since meeting Tom I’ve stayed in touch and through reading his twitter feed and blog postings its […]

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