Who is KP?

Well I am KP. Or Kristian Ponsford to be more accurate.

Born in Plymouth in Devon, but I now live in Cornwall and in between I have lived in Essex, Manchester & North Wales

I am married to the amazing Sophie, father to Josiah.

My roles include worship pastor to Elim Camborne, trainee Elim Minister, published song writer, midi and Ableton Live trainer. I’m also a Worship Central Advisor and part of the Loop Community team.

I’m also hugely honoured to be a Compassion Ambassador and partner with them to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name

It is a massive privilege to be involved in the New Wine summer festivals and at Spring Harvest where I have led worship in the youth venues.

My passion for technology and Ableton Live have seen my articles published on Worshipleader.com, Musicademy and many other sites. I have also been invited to teach on Ableton in Worship at numerous events including the Worship Central Conference.

I’m blessed by endorsements with Keith McMillan, Focusrite & 1964 Ears

You can read my full story here