I recently wrote a blog on “Why we need creativity in Worship” for my friend Chris Sayburn’s website.

Chris asked if I would do a part 2′ looking at ‘how to be creative in worship’ by using loops, pedals and Ableton Live.

You can purchase my Ableton templates & Soft Step presets here


  1. Jason says:

    Hey KP, I am running a similar setup to you. I’m wondering how do you get your M-Audio expression pedal to control the loop volume?

    • iam-kp says:

      Hey Jason,
      It was pretty easy. I plugged it into the expression port on my SoftStep controller and it became assignable in Ableton. I then mapped it to the master volume.

      Does that help?

      • Jason says:

        That’s weird. It’s not mappable. I am running the loop community softstep template. Do you think I need to tinker with the softstep editor to change preferences, or is there some sort of setting I need to enable in ableton? Thanks KP

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