Where to find great loops

A few people have emailed or tweeted to ask where we get our loops. I have just started out in making some from scratch. I using Reason 6 to edit midi and use the great in built sounds and also to handle recordings and audio. I then export the files and trigger them using Ableton Live. My setup is explained here.

The internet is full of midi files, reason files and loops in other formats. When I started out looking for them I quickly filled up several gigabits with very average and some terrible sounding loops. Finding the quality one took a bit more of an effort to find. So to save you some time here are some of the best places to look for loops that can really enhance your band and worship times.

The Bwacks Forum is a great place to start. Any most worship loop creators post here. The community here is wonderful and most users are very happy to help resource each other.

I also strongly recommend checking out Devan Bumstead’s site. Devan’s loops sound great and are available in both reason files & mp3s.  Devan will often record fantastic sounding guitar parts over the reason generated loops, he also uses some fantastic refills to ensure the loops are of the highest quality.

Another great resource for quality loops is Our Rising Sound. Again there is a wealth of great stuff on this site and the loops are top quality.

If you are after the original stems from albums to then remix yourself, you might want to try the multi-tracks from interactive worship live.

Matt McCoy and his Youtube video were a big influence and inspiration when I was first getting into using loops. Matt runs a create community based network call Loop Community.

I’ve recently joined Loop Community and I’m sharing my loops there.

One final option is to use samples to create your own loops. Loops in Worship is a great resource if you fancy constructing your own. Will, who runs the site, is super helpful and a bit of an ableton genius

The Ambient Pad that we use can be found here

Other sites worth checking out are.















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