This whole site exists to equip others and help guide those involved in worship leading on their way, especially those trying to leverage technology and programs such as Ableton Live.

Many people have emailed asking for my Ableton template or some help in customising theirs. My template took a long to get right and I wish I’d been able to download one when I started.

Once you have completed your donation via paypal you will be automatically sent a link to download the template. Any questions, drop me a line.

Basic Template

My basic template is how I started and the template featured in my early videos. This download includes some ambient pads, sample loop of Happy Day (BEP Version) and all the metronome automation.

This post explains how to set up and use the template. 

Advanced Template

My advanced template is explained here. This template is a big step up from the basic one and allows you easily choose instrumentation and arrange on the fly. This download includes ambient pads, metronome automation, midi controls for ProPresenter and to turn pages in PDFs. I have also included TWO sample loops, Happy Day (BEP Version) and Our God is Greater.

Professional Template

The Professional Template is my latest and is the version I am now using and is explained here. This template is a refined version of the Advanced Template and much easier to navigate and understand. The use of subgroups, titling and colour coding make this template far more visually coherent. This download includes ambient pads, metronome automation, midi controls for ProPresenter and to turn pages in PDFs and in OnSong iPad app. I have included FOUR sample loops, 10,000 Reasons, Happy Day (BEP Version), Our God is Greater and Blessed Be Your Name (Viva la Vida Version).

I have also included the Ableton session with all the cues for using ProPresenter’s midi module.

Soft Step Preset

Presets for the Keith McMillan SoftStep controller. These presets match my templates and control single shot songs, multi-track loops as well as pad volume and master stops! Post to follow soon.


Bome’s Midi Translator Preset

Bome’s presets for automatic page turning, which can be used with my stage chord book. This preset also includes one video trigger example. For example see these posts, Ableton turns my pages & Ableton controls ProPresenter


Stage Chord Book

Stage chords for loops which are controlled by Bome’s preset, includes PDF for use and pages template for editing.

For example see this post, Ableton turns my pages


Pro Presenter Chord Editor

Use this template for spacing chords so you can add them to the PP notes field as explained here