Ableton Live is a great tool for Worship Teams who are looking to tighten up, add to their sound or explore new areas of creativity. There are a number of great online resources that can help you on your journey into the world of loops and click tracks, but sometimes you simply cannot beat some personal training.

I first started using backing tracks and midi tracks in worship in 1999 and over time this interest has developed into a passion for using loops, clicks and Ableton Live. I have used my Ableton setup in small groups, solo acoustic setups, conferences and national UK events including New Wine & Spring Harvest. I have used Ableton Live not only to trigger loops, but for band director cues, controlling lyrics & video, lighting rigs and even turning pages on an iPad.

I am passionate about passing on my knowledge and helping others to embrace this technology. Therefore I am now offering personal bespoke training.

A one-to-one bespoke training session on Skype. Tailored to your needs this could be an introduction into the world of Ableton or a more detailed look into how to implement a great Ableton setup that enhances your band and sound.

How this works - 

You purchase an hours’ Skype tutorial by putting this “product” in your shopping cart and paying. You access checkout via the box on the right hand side. I will then email you and we can agree a mutually convenient time to Skype. It will be possible to screen share during the Skype to maximising your learning

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